Man jailed for manslaughter of Adesanya’s sparring partner Fau Vake

Daniel Havili, the man guilty of the manslaughter of Israel Adesanya’s teammate Fau Vake has now been sent to prison in Auckland, New Zealand.

The incident took place back in May 2021.

That night, Havili was drinking with three others – Ofa Folau, Siofilisi Paongo, and Semisie Pomale – at Edinburgh Castle bar before the attack.

The group then ran into Fau Vake and his brother, Ika, who was waiting for a taxi, and instigated a conflict and attacked the two.

The brothers tried to get away from the drunk group and neither Fau nor Ika threw any punches during the altercation.

Havili punched Vake in the face during the assault.

Vake had his head hit the concrete upon falling to the ground and immediately went unconscious.

Havili also punched and kneed Vake’s brother before leaving.

Vake was then taken into intensive care before being diagnosed with major head trauma.

He died a week later due to injuries he suffered.

Vake is survived by his four-year-old daughter, as well as three brothers who are also involved in martial arts.

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya paid tribute to his City Kickboxing teammate by sharing an exchange between the pair from January this year along with a teary-eyed emoji.

“One of our boys, one of the guys that was on his way to the UFC got murdered. Let’s not mince words, he got murdered by some thugs who are still walking around free but I just want to say Fau Vake, Fau Vake, Fau Vake I love you man”, said Israel Adesanya after which he dedicated his title belt to the deceased MMA fighter.

While for Havili and his friends, they pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Fau Vake and assault of his brother Ika in May 2021.

Two men were charged with common assault, while one was charged with “two counts of assaulting with intent to injure”.

The last culprit was charged with “wounding with intent and injuring with intent”.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment by Justice Sally Fitzgerald at the High Court at Auckland.

Members of the public gallery yelled “that’s f***ing bul***” as the sentence was handed down.

Outside the court, fellow member of City Kickboxing Dan Hooker said the sentence was heartbreaking for the whole team.

The family and friends of Vake, including UFC stars Adesanya and Hooker have been outspoken about calling for harsher penalties.

Havili’s lawyer Louise Freyer said her client had apologized to Ika Vake and the Vake family for the assault.

He also added that Havili is determined to turn his life around.