Makhachev’s manager tries fear mongering: UFC will not wait on Charles Oliveira

According to MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz, the UFC won’t wait for Charles Oliveira to move forward with the lightweight title.

Charles Oliveira and his team have publicly said that they have no interest in facing Islam Makhachev in Abu Dhabi in October. They also said that if the match were to happen, Brazil would be the preferred location for the matchup in December.

“If I must choose, it’d be Conor McGregor, as the guy who is putting the money in my bank account,” Oliveira said, at UFC X. “If I’m going to choose, I’m going to choose Conor McGregor.”

“The story with Conor has always been like that,” Oliveira said.

“It was the same thing with Dustin Poirier. He always cuts the line and everyone knows that (happens) when Conor is on. He cuts the line.”

“I think I deserve to choose and I’m choosing Conor because of everything I’ve done to make some money for my family and for everything. If I’m going to choose, I’m choosing Conor.”

As for his team, they’re still cheesed off about how Abu Dhabi judges scored the fight of Nascimento.

Lima also found it unfair if Islam Makhachev gets a title shot having only fought one top 10 contender. He compared it to Oliveira’s journey where he struggled before finally getting his title fight in May of last year.

“But then you put it on a scale. I’m not belittling Makhachev. Makhachev is a monster, he’s a hell of a fighter – in striking, on the ground, I know that. But which top 5 fighter did he beat? See what Charles had to go through to get to the belt, what everyone had to do to get to the belt. Ferguson, even after 12 wins, couldn’t get to the belt. So why should Makhachev achieve this?” Lima added.

But Makhaechev’s manager Ali Abdelaziz is trying to skewer the situation to his advantage. Abdelaziz expressed that the UFC should find another opponent for his client if Oliveira is not prepared to compete for the vacant lightweight championship by October.

In particular, Abdelaziz said that if Oliveira is unable to attend the date, he would want to see Beniel Dariush fight against Makhachev. No surprise there considering Abdelaziz also manages Dariush.

He also mentioned that Oliveira would merit going up against the victor later.

“If Charles Oliveira Not ready to fight in October very simple the division doesn’t have a champion @MAKHACHEVMMA vs @beneildariush Charles can fight the winner the he deserve a rest respect”

“Ufc not going to it for anyone they are going to move on I overplayed my hand couple times and I learn what to do now”

At 155 pounds, the things are becoming somewhat stale with Oliveira defeating a number of longtime contenders. Among those he hasn’t defeated yet are Dariush and Makhachev but it’s uncertain if the UFC would prioritize the payday of a McGregor bout over the actual prospects considering his new weight gain.

McGregor recently returned to MMA training posing in front of the SBG gym in Ireland.