Makhachev concerned over Oliveira’s absence in Abu Dhabi

UFC lightweight title challenger Islam Makhachev is worried that Oliveira might not able to compete at UFC 280. It’s two weeks before the showdown and Oliveira hasn’t shown his face in Abu Dhabi.

Charles Oliveira was stripped off of his lightweight belt after missing weight at UFC 274 back in May. The Brazilian only needed one round to submit title challenger Justin Gaethje, and is now slated to scramble with Sambo expert Islam Makhachev for the vacant belt.

Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev are set to headline UFC 280 on October 23.

His arrival in Abu Dhabi is delayed despite the fact he was planning to land 20 days before the event in order to acclimate to heat and humidity.

‘Do Bronx’ talked about his plan:

“I told Diego, this time I want to do something different. I never wanted to come to the US so far in advance. But this time I am going there I think 20 days before the fight. If I’m not mistaken, 15 people from the team are going, so practically all my team. The people who helped to do my camp, who helped me, are going there this time. And I believe that’s it. I think the most important thing is to get there and get your head straight.” Oliveira said

Islam Makhachev himself is worried that this delay might cause problem for their outing. The Dagestan born took to his Twitter account to express his doubts about Oliveira’s reliability.

“2 weeks before the fight, Charles and his team [are] not in Abu Dhabi yet. Should I start [to] worry?” Makhachev wrote.

Recently, Oliveira posted an update about his whereabouts. The 32-year-old revealed that he and his team are about to leave Brazil from GRU Airport in Guarulhos, Brazil.

This is believed to be a bit late considering the temperature shift. In order to diminish the effects of jet leg you’re said to have to spend a day per hour of time difference in the destination spot in order to acclimate yourself.