Majority of women under 30 find it a “turn off” if partner listens to Joe Rogan podcast

UFC commentator Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world, the Joe Rogan Experience. Boasting a colossal audience and a record-breaking Spotify deal of over $100 million, Joe Rogan’s show has become a cultural phenomenon.

Guests from various backgrounds, including celebrities, politicians, and scientists, have graced his platform to engage in extensive discussions about their lives, careers, and beliefs. But as with any form of entertainment, Rogan’s podcast isn’t universally appealing.

Over 1000 people aged 18 to 34 participated in a study conducted by Change Research. It aimed to find out more insights into political inclinations, belief systems, and dating preferences.

Surprisingly, the study unveiled that 55% of women view listening to the Joe Rogan Experience as a potential “red flag” in a partner. In stark contrast, only 35% of men expressed similar reservations about their female counterparts tuning in.

Delving deeper into the findings, it was revealed that 9% of women consider a partner’s absence from social media as a potential red flag. Additionally, 53% expressed disinterest in partners who shy away from watching the Barbie movie, while a staggering 66% saw a lack of hobbies as cause for concern.

For men, the study highlighted that 64% found it concerning if a partner identified with a specific community, while 41% were put off by a partner’s fascination with astrology.

As for green flags in relationships, the study found that 95% of women and 91% of men prefer a spouse who reads. Women also prefer potential romantic partners who shop around for the greatest prices, declare their support for ‘Black Lives Matter’, seem more attractive in person, post candid photos, and identify as liberals.

The polling also revealed stark differences between men and women’s cultural preferences. Men turn in to more right-leaning podcasts like ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’ while women were more likely to listen to Ira Glass’ ‘This American Life’ and left-leaning ‘The Daily’ of the New York Times.

Undoubtedly, Joe Rogan remains unperturbed by these revelations as his podcast continues to amass views and revenue at an astonishing rate.