Luke Thomas Criticizes Attributing Kimura Finish To Khabib

Luke Thomas recently made a very intriguing – and accurate point. While Islam Makhachev’s finish was impressive regardless it’s bad journalism to attribute the finishing technique to Khabib – as he’s not the inventor of that particular strategy.

Here’s the moment in question:

Many including prominent MMA influencer “Anatomy of a fighter” filmmaker Will Harris neglected MMA history in order to praise Khabib for this move. In a since deleted tweet he – the technique was falsely attributed.

Luke Thomas was one of the first to point out the lengthy history of the move.

“This is the standard move to finish a kimura from this position. Khabib did the right thing to call for it and he’s obviously a phenomenal grappler (as is Makhachev), but this isn’t some amazing innovation. This is common knowledge among even intermediate grapplers.”

Thomas went on to provide video evidence:


And of course Ryan Hall’s open elbow dvd – released in 2015 features this exact finishing strategy.

One additional note interesting to observe is Makhachev attempt to rebrand a jiujitsu staple. After his victory Makhachev said:

“What I do is not Jiu-Jitsu nor Grappling, it’s MMA ground game and I have the best in the division.”