Luke Rockhold challenges Logan Paul, vows to retire if he fails to knock him out

Logan Paul has been formally challenged to a boxing match by Luke Rockhold.

After leaving the UFC, Rockhold is seeking a popular boxing opponent. He first called out Jake Paul for a match, but he’s now concentrating on the elder Paul brother. The former UFC champion was approached in the parking lot for a brief chat with InsideFighting after attending Bellator 290.

In a conversation about a possible matchup with Logan, Rockhold predicted a knockout win. He said:

“If I don’t knock him [Logan Paul] out, I’ll retire… If I don’t knock Logan Paul out cold, I’d be f***ing out. I’m out, I guarantee it. No, not disappointment. I’d be f***ing devastated, but that ain’t gonna happen.”

When Rockhold last competed in August 2022, he suffered his third straight loss against Paulo Costa. The 38-year-old requested his release from the UFC after that in order to seek other opportunities, and his request was granted.

It’s unknown when and against whom Rockhold will next compete. The Paul brothers are still being called out by the former UFC champion, but they have not responded yet.

On February 26, Jake Paul will face Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia. Paul aims to defeat Tommy Fury for the first time and raise his professional boxing record to 6-0.

Luke Rockhold was questioned by about his Paul vs. Fury prediction during the same interview. He said the following:

“I like Jake [Paul]. I think Tommy [Fury] is not a boxer. He’s a p***y. You gotta have that dog in you. He ain’t got no dog in him”

Logan Paul has never won a boxing match and seems to be way better suited for wrestling. Paul previously had a sparring session with Costa during which he was knocked out.

More than a year after the fact, Paul claimed the session was staged.