LOL? UFC’s Ian Garry follows Wife’s Advice and Cries before EVERY fight

Rising UFC star Ian Garry has an unusual routine before he competes- he cries. The undefeated contender recently opened up about his emotional process before walking out, crediting it as a key factor in his success.

Garry boasts a perfect 14-0 record in MMA and recently defeated UFC veteran Geoff Neal. He discussed his teary-eyed ritual in depth in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Garry said: “As soon as I’m finished and I’m done my warm up, I leave myself about 20 minutes to just calm the body down and let the body relax. I put on all my gear, my headphones, my music, whatever it is, my jacket, put my hood up.”

“I get on all fours, I put my hands in my head. I put my forehead to the ground. I swear to god, it’s like that, like, instant tears,” he revealed.

Garry went on to detail the thoughts going through his mind during this time. He says that it is his way of expressing gratefulness for the people in his life.

“It’s being grateful for the journey I’m on. It’s grateful for the abilities that I have. For the people that aren’t here, for the people I wish were with me sharing the journey.”

“The truth is I cry my eyes out. I thank God for everything that I’ve been blessed with – my family, my health, my wife, my child, my team. I ask for his strength, his guidance, his speed, his ability, and to protect me.”

Garry credits his wife for enlightening him on the potential benefits of getting emotional and crying before matches.

He said: “My wife told me about a study that was done recently….  she told me that there was a study done on Olympic athletes where people who were most emotional prior to their event and people that held it back. The people who let go of all of those emotions, achieved or had you know 100% better success rate because you’re not holding on to anything.”

He believes tapping into his emotions gives him an edge once he steps into the Octagon. While an unconventional routine for a professional, Garry stands by the benefits of his teary ritual.

He said: “It’s like taking the the taking all the armor off me and really making me vulnerable and then going out and just being myself. And being my truest form and doing it in the most beautiful fashion I can.”

Garry’s willingness to embrace his emotions before competing appears to give him an extra competitive boost inside the cage. Although there is no proven study that shows crying makes you perform better, the unique routine is clearly working for the rising star.