Logan Paul offered to pay for lookalike’s lawyers in Nate Diaz’s lawsuit

Former UFC star Nate Diaz found himself in hot water after leaving Rodney Petersen passed out in an incident in New Orelans. Petersen is famous for his striking resemblance to YouTuber Logan Paul. The incident occurred less than a month ago, and it has since been revealed that Petersen intends to sue Diaz for his actions.

Logan Paul and Rodney Petersen are also close friends and have collaborated on videos to advertise PRIME Energy Drinks. In response to Nate Diaz’s behavior, Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul also released a comedic skit.

Additionally, Nate Diaz and Jake Paul are scheduled to square off on August 5 in a boxing match. However, it seems like these legal difficulties may prevent the bout from happening.

In his recent Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul expressed his concern about the lawsuit and said that he even offered to pay for Petersen’s legal fees. Paul also stated that he connected Petersen with legal counsel and believes Petersen will receive a healthy settlement.

Paul then proceeded to call Nate Diaz a bully and expressed his annoyance that Diaz chose to compete against his little brother instead of him.

Jake stated on the podcast: “I connected him (Rodney) with some legal council and I think he’s walk away from a pretty healthy check. I offered to fund the lawsuit against Nate Diaz but the legal team took the case pro bono because I would assume they think it’s a take away. There isn’t any much to say really.”

” I was supposed to fight Nate. Then he goes to fight my little brother instead and then chokes out my lookalike in the street. It’s so weird, he is a bully.”

Additionally, Logan Paul said in the podcast that both Jake’s bout and WWE Summerslam are scheduled for the same day. While Logan is unsure if he will be competing on that date, he believes it would be a significant event for both Paul brothers if they competed on the same day.

Now it remains to be seen how the lawsuit between Petersen and Diaz will play out and what impact it will have on Diaz’s future in combat sports.