Logan Paul: McGregor’s an average MMA fighter and a horrible boxer

Logan Paul is gearing up to face Dillon Danis on October 14 (or possibly “Platinum” Mike Perry if Danis is to drop out). Paul exudes unwavering confidence in his upcoming bout. He is so sure of his dominance over Danis (assuming Danis participates) that he is already setting his sights on another opponent, none other than Conor McGregor, a friend of Danis.

In a recent sit-down interview, Paul didn’t mince words when discussing McGregor: “Conor McGregor’s an average MMA fighter and a horrible boxer. I’m gonna beat the [expletive] out of his bitch Dillon, and then I’m gonna beat the [expletive] out of him.”

However, Paul expressed his frustration with McGregor’s lack of response and engagement. He noted that McGregor has not shown the willingness to back his friend with a substantial bet.

Paul challenged McGregor on Twitter, but the Irish star remained silent. This silence raises doubts in Paul’s mind about McGregor’s willingness to step into the ring himself.

While discussing his emotional control in the ring, Paul emphasized that he doesn’t box with emotion. He doesn’t harbor strong feelings toward Danis, considering him an “afterthought.”
“To be honest, I don’t care about Dillon Danis. I don’t. He’s such an afterthought. So yeah, I’m definitely going to be able to control my emotions. He’s just the person in front of me for this fight. And he’s doing a good job building it up.”

Reflecting on his past opponents, Paul shared that he found KSI to be the tougher adversary compared to Floyd Mayweather. He praised KSI’s relentless determination and intensity in the ring, contrasting it with Mayweather’s confidence in his victory.

Paul delved into the challenges of juggling his roles as a professional wrestler in WWE and a boxer. He acknowledged the unique training requirements for each sport but noted that his promo skills have improved due to WWE. He emphasized that his primary training focus remains on boxing.

Regarding his relationships with Jake Paul and KSI, Logan Paul expressed his discomfort in his position between the two. He conveyed his struggle in balancing his relationship with both of them, especially as tensions between his brother Jake and KSI have escalated. He expressed the desire to address these issues privately rather than in the public eye.

Paul also expressed interest in facing Tommy Fury in the future, recognizing his brother’s desire for a rematch with Fury. He mentioned the challenges of the boxing space, noting that there are only a few prominent figures who can headline events.

Concluding his remarks, Paul responded to McGregor’s assertion that he’d “slap the nose off Logan’s face.” He humorously challenged McGregor to attempt such a feat while reiterating his belief in his own abilities to defeat both Danis and McGregor.