Logan Paul challenges Conor McGregor to back Dillon Danis by placing $1M bet

Renowned YouTube sensation Logan Paul has placed a remarkable $1 million wager against Conor McGregor for winning against Dillon Danis in their much-anticipated boxing showdown scheduled for October 14.

The long-anticipated match between Logan Paul and the mixed martial artist Dillon Danis is finally on the horizon. The clash is set to take place within the highly awaited PRIME influencer-boxing event.

Dillon Danis has been embroiled in a feud with the Paul brothers for a long time. The trio has engaged in back-and-forth exchanges across various social media platforms, with the possibility of a face-off looming overhead.

Logan Paul is currently geared up to challenge Danis on the PRIME event’s card later this year. The stakes are high for him, with potentially substantial gains if he manages to emerge victorious.

In a recent conversation with Matchroom Boxing, Conor McGregor revealed his involvement in Danis’ training regimen for the impending bout. McGregor exuded confidence, guaranteeing a triumph for the MMA star.

However, Logan Paul remains unconvinced. He’s so certain of his chances of defeating Danis that he bet McGregor $1 million that he’ll win their boxing match.

In a video shared on August 14, Paul directly addressed McGregor. He stated: “If you’re so confident in your boy, I got a bet for you. I’d bet Dillon, but he’s a broke b*tch.”

“I got a million dollars that says I beat your boy on October 14. Come on, bro. I know you’re caked up. Let’s see how confident you are. Imagine all the c*ke you can buy”

“Two dummies, one night, October 14. I’m f*ckin’ you both up.”

Logan last competed in boxing during his exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather in 2021. Since then, he has been concentrating on the WWE, but it seems he hasn’t stopped honing his boxing techniques.

As anticipation builds, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of this exhilarating match.