Logan Paul challenges Andrew Tate to an MMA match and he’d like UFC to host

Logan Paul has reconsidered his take that Andrew Tate should be deplatformed and is now interested in an MMA bout against Andrew Tate.

When Tate was banned from social media for his offensive comments toward women, Logan Paul was one of the rare influencers in the space that was outspoken against him.

Logan Paul has hinted that he might be willing to face Andrew Tate in his MMA debut.

Paul challenged the controversial ex-kickboxer Tate to a boxing match, but the two were unable to reach an agreement because of Tate’s ban from social media due to his offensive views about women.

Paul has promised to “f*** up” Tate, but it’s unclear if the event will go down because Paul claims Tate wants two “warm-up” bouts first.

“I like the idea of f***ing him up”

Paul told UFC’s Sean O’Malley, “I have said what I said that I didn’t feel like platforming him. But then this motherf***** starts talking a lot of s***.”

“And maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him for one night and turn his face inside out. Have him wheeled out on a stretcher with his brother holding his hand in an ambulance. The thought of that is compelling and I like the idea of f***ing up Andrew Tate.”

“So maybe I will take it back and I will fight Andrew Tate. I take back what I said and I am man enough to say I made a mistake when I said I wouldn’t platform him I would do it.” Paul continued.

“He has been talking s*** online, he said that he would fight me for free so I got excited. So I text his agent and said ‘he said he would fight me for free it sounds like a money day for me.’ So he rang him up and it turns out he wants two warm-up fights.”