Liver King confesses that he’s back on PEDs

Renowned fitness coach Brian Johnson (popularly known as the Liver King) has confessed to reverting to performance enhancing supplementation. This revelation comes after a previous admission of use and a public promise to abandon them for a medically prescribed alternative.

Back in November 2022, Brian Johnson’s reputation was tarnished when a leaked email exposed his extravagant spending of over $10,000 a month on anabolics. Johnson’s fame had stemmed from advocating a natural primal lifestyle to enhance health benefits. Thus, he faced widespread criticism.

The Liver King had earned his moniker through the promotion of a natural way of life that revolved around consuming raw meat, particularly liver. This lifestyle is believed to offer a plethora of health benefits.

It was reported that he faced a $25 million lawsuit for ‘deceiving’ customers with his st**oid use, which contradicted the purported advantages of his natural lifestyle.

In the wake of the scandal, Liver King initially confessed and claimed that he had abstained from using st**oid for 220 days. Nevertheless, he has now openly admitted to returning to st**oid usage.


In a YouTube video posted recently, Brian recounted his journey from the beginning. He shed light on his decision to reintroduce steroids into his regimen.

Brian Johnson shared his perspective on the 220 days of abstinence, expressing his dissatisfaction with the loss of over 20 pounds of muscle and a significant decrease in strength.

He said: “I don’t like the idea of losing over 20 pounds of muscle. I don’t like the idea that became the reality of losing a lot of strength.”

These factors ultimately led him back to PED use. He revealed, “I have decided to go back on it, I am taking testosterone. It’s a cream. I do three clicks of it a day. I’m also doing a growth hormone.”

Addressing the previous scandal, Brian affirmed his commitment to his family, followers, and the primal community, vowing never to lie again. He said: “The commitment that I made to my boys, to my family, to all the primals out there, is I would never lie again.”