LFA 175’s Bantamweight Clash Cut Short by Gnarly Eye Poke


A highly anticipated bantamweight bout at LFA 175 took a disappointing turn as Apollo Gomes and Vinicius Pires faced off in an intense battle that concluded with a gruesome eye poke, forcing the match to be declared a no-contest.

Legacy Fighting Alliance is a prominent MMA promotion headquartered in Texas. It is renowned for hosting successful events with top-tier athletes and is one of the biggest feeder organizations for the UFC. LFA 175, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on January 27, was no exception, featuring exhilarating moments and exceptional performances, all available for livestream on UFC Fight Pass.

The majority of the event lived up to fans’ expectations, delivering highlight-reel moments and thrilling finishes. However, the bantamweight clash between Apollo Gomes and Vinicius Pires on the main card took an unfortunate turn.

The match began explosively, with both athletes trading powerful blows in a back-and-forth duel during the first round. The intensity carried over into the second round, where a pivotal moment marred the excitement. In the midst of an exchange, Gomes launched a forceful left hand, and Pires, in an attempt to defend, accidentally poked Gomes’ eye, causing visible distress.

As Gomes retreated in pain, the referee promptly halted the match to assess the situation. It became evident that Gomes couldn’t continue, prompting the referee to declare the bout a no-contest. Following careful examination, the referee confirmed the eye poke as accidental, leading to the unfortunate conclusion of the match.

The clip capturing the gruesome accident quickly circulated on social media, eliciting disappointment from fans who had eagerly anticipated a thrilling end to the back-and-forth battle.