Leon Edwards gets roasted after old tweet goes viral, announcing he ‘loves a**’

After defeating Kamaru Usman to capture the title at UFC 278, Leon Edwards’ popularity is on a rise. That prompted some MMA fans to explore his social media past, where they uncovered an unexpected love of posteriors.

Edwards is known for being a reserved, private person. In 2012 and 2013, when he was just starting to move up in the UK combat organization BAMMA, he was a little looser.

He said on Twitter once:

“I love a** that’s my f***ing problem lol”

It’s not an isolated case either. He overshared in another:

“This weather makes me want to cuddle up to a fat girl”

If anything, Edwards’ popularity has increased as a result of the uncensored tweets. A significant UFC fan Facebook page was filled with MMA supporters who praised Edwards for his fervent statements. But an incredible fan edit really stole the show.

UFC fans in the UK are demanding that Leon Edwards defend the welterweight belt domestically.

Edwards revealed his timetable for a comeback on a recent broadcast of The MMA Hour, saying:

“100% it will be next year. Obviously, I have a few injuries I need to sort out. Yeah, early next year. I don’t want to be off too long.”

“Early next year will be good, like March or April. [The UFC] normally come to London in March or April, right? So, yeah, around that time we’ll be good to go.”

The UFC has already announced that it is rearranging its calendar to make room for a primetime UK event in early 2023. Edwards is hoping for a stadium performance.

He added,

“Big stadium. That’s what Dana said. Let’s get it done. MMA now in the UK is booming.”

“And to have now a world champion from the UK, and all the other guys like Paddy, Darren, put them all on the card and let’s sell out Wembley. Now is the time. Now is the time to do it.”

Even under the best of conditions, Dana White is not a fan of stadium events. Additionally, the wintertime weather in England makes it impossible to do an outdoor stadium show. It’s more probable that they will perform in the 20,000-seat O2 Arena in London or the 15,800-seat Utilita Arena in Birmingham.