Leon Edwards celebrates UFC title by opening Caribbean food restaurant for mum

In honour of his mother, Leon Edwards launched a Caribbean eatery after winning the UFC welterweight championship.

Last August, Edwards defeated Kamaru Usman to win the title and became the division champion. On March 18, Edwards will face off against Usman for their third bout in the UFC in an effort to defend his title.

In the moments after his thrilling victory in Salt Lake City, Edwards was seen on camera crying while on the phone with his mother.

After earning his biggest professional victory, the British man made sure to show his appreciation to his family by establishing a Walsall restaurant in honor of his mother.

Edwards said,

“I’m able to provide new things for my family that they want. I’ve opened a restaurant now for my mum that she wanted. I thought she would have wanted to work less probably, but for some reason she wants to work more. ”

“Business is good, I’m there as well so people pop in and see sometimes when I’m there. It’s going well and I was happy to be able to do that for my mum,”

The restaurant is named Sweet’s Kitchen and it serves classic Caribbean food like fried plantain and mutton curry. Edwards said that the restaurant’s business is booming and that he often visits it, but he avoids the kitchen since he isn’t very skilled in the art of cooking.

“It was good to give back to my mum, just to be able to do that for her. She’s always mentioned it since I was young that she wanted to open a restaurant. People ask me ‘what did I splurge on after my fight’ but I’ve got everything I already need. So I got that for my mum and that made me happy, she enjoys it and it’s doing well.”

He added: “I think Usman is the hardest fight in the division. I can see it being a totally different fight from the second fight, it’s also how can he come back after the knockout. I can take confidence from knowing that I can take him down, hurt him and knock him out. I can see myself getting my hand raised again. I’m not going out there to chase the headshot and get another spectacular finish, it’s just about getting the win,”