Leigh Wood pulls off a come back, KNOCKS OUT Josh Warrington to retain WBA featherweight title

Leigh Wood is known for his consistently riveting performances. He once again surprised the audience with a spectacular win on Saturday night, this time against Josh Warrington.

In a match that seemed to be slipping away from him, Wood delivered a knockout blow to Warrington in a breathtaking seventh round. He ended up winning the WBA featherweight world title.

The bout kicked off with immense energy, as Warrington wasted no time and came out swinging right from the first bell. But Wood displayed remarkable composure, controlling the pace of the match and executing precise skills from a strategic distance.

Despite this, Warrington persisted in coming forward in an effort to make the match scrappy. Wood skillfully intercepted as he capitalized on several occasions when his opponent tried to close in.

At the onset of the third round, Warrington aggressively pushed Wood against the ropes as he unleashed a barrage of hooks to intensify the pressure. Despite the onslaught, the Nottingham native stood his ground.

As the match progressed, Warrington started to resemble the boxer who had defeated Carl Frampton and Lee Selby in 2018. He controlled the tempo of the match, cutting Wood above the right eye.

In round five, it seemed as if the Wood had taken enough damage.

In the seventh round, Warrington appeared to dominate. But Wood unleashed a brutal combination that changed the course of the match.

Warrington crumpled to the canvas. Though he valiantly regained his footing, his legs betrayed him. The referee made the decisive call, signaling Wood’s victory.

Following the exhilarating bout, promoter Eddie Hearn hinted that Wood’s next match would be slated for City Ground.

Meanwhile, Wood summed up the victory. He stated: “I beat a legitimate two-time world champion, the fight night was like my career, it started out a bit rough, but I go there in the end.”