Legendary MMA ref condemns GREASING at BKFC: “Why does this back of his neck need Vaseline? Come on get a clue”

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez has made a number of claims against former boxing champion Austin Trout. Sanchez has accused Trout of greasing after their bout at BKFC KnuckleMania 3.

Trout won by a fourth-round TKO.

Sanchez claimed that Trout’s excessive usage of Vaseline throughout the event put him at an unfair disadvantage. While Sanchez was dismissed at first due to a large number of conspiracies he’s seeded over the years, the video evidence supports his claims.

UFC veteran Josh Thomson and famed MMA referee John McCarthy discussed the situation in a recent episode of their Weighing in Podcast.

McCarthy did not understand why he applied Vaseline to the back of his neck. He used it on his neck, lips, and nose as well.

Thomson added:

“Diego was calling him out, too. Diego’s, look, my game plan was to clinch him and uppercut him and hit the body and then uppercut to the face. That was my game plan, he’s like, and then I couldn’t get my grip. And he showed a video of it on YouTube. Not on YouTube but on Instagram.”

Sanchez accused BKFC of aiding Trout in his attempt to skirt the rules, and even went so far as to tag BKFC cutman personally in his post.

Sanchez clarified he wasn’t treated with the same neck pat Vaseline as his opponent saying:

” I only received the protocol raccooning of the eye structure before entering the squared circle on the walk ramp! None on my jaw at all! For the people that say it didn’t change things oh it did very much so!”

Austin Trout isn’t taking the accusations seriously and instead replied to the accusations with a meme.

“Vaseline over here like “I ain’t have nothing to do with none of that over there slim. Don’t blame me for that! Keep my name out your mouth!” This post is brought to you by @vaselinebrand” – Trout posted along with the following meme.