KSI thinks he’d “destroy” Andrew Tate after watching footage of influencer boxing

YouTube sensation KSI is set to return to the ring this weekend as he prepares to compete against Joe Fournier at Wembley Arena.

However, he has also been linked with potential bouts against Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. One other combatant who has been mentioned as a potential opponent for KSI is former kickboxer, Andrew Tate.

Tate’s views on society have made him a controversial figure on social media. He now no longer participates in the professional kickboxing ranks. However, Tate recently released videos of himself back in the gym.

Andrew Tate sparred with TikTok sensation Robert Alexandru who ended up putting Tate on the back foot. Despite taking some big shots, Tate managed to drop Alexandru with a body shot. Upon seeing the video, KSI wasted no time in expressing his opinion on the former kickboxing champion.

He stated: “From watching this, I would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate. Watch me on May 13 for those that don’t believe me.”

Tate has significant experience in kickboxing but has never competed in traditional boxing. On the other hand, KSI  has already competed in numerous boxing matches against social media stars.

However, Tate remains confident that KSI would not want to face him in the ring. He told in an interview, “He’s not interested in a real fight; that’s why he doesn’t want to fight me, because he’ll get hurt badly, for one, and two, all of his bulls*** would be over when he can continue to fight trash cans for cash.”

“It doesn’t make sense for him to fight me. I’m realistic and I know why’s he’s saying what he’s saying. It doesn’t make any sense for him to fight me.”

“He’d get destroyed and the game would be over. Why not just beat up idiots and sell it to YouTubers? Fair play, he’s making a ton of money, I’ve nothing against the guy. He spoke a bunch of s*** about me getting banned but he’s just afraid of getting cancelled.”

The potential clash between KSI and Tate remains a tantalizing prospect for fans of combat sports.