KSI sues Adin Ross after his event wanted a Misfits boxer to ‘spar’ on stream

Kick streamer Adin Ross recently called out Misfits Boxing for allegedly serving him legal papers in the wake of their recent warehouse boxing event controversy.

To put things in perspective, the company is not pleased with the Kick streamer’s attempts to convince pro boxer Nuideen ‘DeenTheGreat’ to spar with Adam Saleh at a future event. This is because DeenThe Great is under contract with Misfits.

Recent social media posts from Nuideen reveal that he was being threated of a lawsuit from Misfits. Now Adin Ross announced that he has been served with papers.

Undeterred, Adin Ross addressed the issue head-on during an Instagram Live session. He expressed his readiness to engage in a legal match.

“Shame on you, you are sad and I am going to really clown the f*ck out of you. Guess what, I wasn ‘t even trying to clown you, I just wanted some friendship. Okay? But you want to sue me? That’s fine, let’s go to war. I can f*cking wait. ”

Misfits Boxing has initiated legal action against the organizer of the proposed boxing event, which is Adin Ross. Ross disclosed that individuals in tuxedos waited outside his content warehouse to serve him legal documents.

His frustration was evident: “Misfits, come on, just get it together bro. I’m just a streaming kid, I’m not a multi-million-dollarf*cking organization, bro. I don ‘t know what is going on, I just wan to see motherf*ckers fight and I want to see motherf*ckers knocked the f*ck out. But you want to have people in tuxedos wait outside my warehouse and serve me f*cking paperwork, that is just g*y bro. Flat out g*y.”

Despite the legal onslaught, Adin Ross showed confidence in his ability to navigate the lawsuit. Referencing his Jewish heritage and connections, he stated:

“I am Jewish bro, you are going to have to fight my Jewish lawyers. Your UK British shi* *y a*s lawyers are not going to be able to f*ck with mine. Now I am really going to do this f*cking event. I don’t give a f*ck. We are doing this event now. I am going to get people what they want because you can ‘t get people what they want.”

Adin Ross continued to discuss Misfits Boxing on his Kick stream, promising more insights into the lawsuit. He remained resolute in his commitment to making the boxing event a reality and urged fans to support him by purchasing his branded merch.

In the midst of uncertainty surrounding the lawsuit’s outcome, DeenTheGreat took to social media. He said that Misfits Boxing’s legal action against Adin Ross as “sad.”