KSI roasts Tyron Woodley claiming he’s not a worthy opponent

Tyron Woodley is a former UFC Welterweight Champion who defended his title four times. However Woodley’s stock appears to have dropped since suffering a KO loss during his second bout against Jake Paul.

KSI recently said that that Woodley is not a suitable opponent in the ring, despite his successful mixed martial arts career. There have been rumours that KSI and former UFC champion Woodley may square off in a boxing match.

The two have been exchanging insults on social media for some time. However, KSI’s most recent shot may be the most demoralising one thus far.

After being knocked out by Jake Paul recently, Woodley has been looking for another high-profile bout. He has his sights set on another YouTuber.


Woodley retweeted a concept art and added: “If KSI would ever be a man. And a man of his word. He in his lane. I said my piece and agreed to the terms. What God has for me is for me! He asked me to fight. not chasing a grown man down. Thats borderline bullying.”

KSI didn’t hold back when he saw the message.

He said in response: “Hmmm, should I: A – Fight a tired Tyron Woodley that hasn’t won a single boxing fight and got knocked out by Jake Paul by standing still?

“B – Fight A pro boxer with a better boxing record than Tommy Fury?”

The idea that an MMA legend isn’t a worthy opponent for a simple YouTuber is such a stab in the teeth, given their divergent sporting backgrounds. However, the response just highlight’s Woodley’s recent decline in performance.

Prior to that, the UFC released him after a losing skid. His most recent win inside the cage was in 2018. Woodley is 40 years old