KSI ridiculed for choosing too box a rapper instead of Jake Paul or any respectable opponent

For a while there yesterday it looked like both KSI and Jake Paul would have an exciting boxing opportunity in August after all. Both Paul and KSI had opponents fall out of their respective bouts.

But despite a long back and forth with Paul, KSI had opted to challenge someone completely out of the realm of boxing – and he got ridiculed for it.

As of right now, KSi will be taking Swarmz at the O2 Arena on August 27.

KSI and Swarmz have long moved in the same circles because they’re both youtubers turned rappers from London.

Swarmz, real name Brandon Scott, has never stepped in a ring to box. He is a footballer, rapper, and KSI’s former collaborator.

Swarmz has yet to comment on the announcement of the bout.

Logan Paul voiced his criticism on Instagram despite of a joint ongoing venture he has going with KSI.

“This is absolutely absurd, what KSI just did there, he is fighting one of his friends,”

He added: “Talk about getting paid to take a dive; he is fighting a rapper who is his friend, they’ve made songs together, who has never fought before.”

Fans also expressed their dismay with KSI’s choice of opponent. One tweeted:
“This fight really got me feeling hype to kind of a let down, all in the span of 48 hours.”

Another added:
“This is what I’d expect from you KSI, you taking an easy fight, an easy way out, your friend who is going to take a dive. This event should be free otherwise you’re f***ing your fans over.”

Jake Paul also blasted KSI over this decision:

KSI rejected Jake Paul’s offer
“You and MVP (Most Valuable Promotions) are so untrustworthy. First Tommy, [Hasim] Rahman [Jr[ and now Wassabi. Even when you do put events on, all you do is lie to your fans and inflate your numbers by like 50 times. We know your dealings with each promotion and what you actually make. It’s a joke.”

“The industry knows now that you are not the draw you have portrayed to be. Your stock is down bad and you don’t get to dictate s*** to me mate. You think you’re clever but we anticipated you’d pull something like this.”

“Plus you’ll probably try to pull some shit causing our event to cancel too just like your flop event did. You tried to drain Rahman, so that there would be no life left in him when he fought you with the rehydration clause. You fought a man fresh out of hip surgery [Ben Askren].”