KSI announces boxing exhibition against streamer ishowSpeed

Boxing fans should block off December 15th from their calendars because it looks like a busy day.

The day is set to witness an electrifying showdown not just between Jake Paul and Andre August but also between KSI and the daring IShowSpeed in London.

The social media celebrity revealed that on the same day in London, he will face fellow YouTuber IShowSpeed. Now that they are competing to draw in the most viewers, KSI and Paul may rekindle their old rivalry.

Recent provocations from Speed goaded KSI into accepting the challenge, leading to the confirmation of their bout on December 15th in London.

In the end, KSI gave in and said: “December 15th, come through and let’s do this.”

Then, all he did was post a promotional poster for the bout with the words “December 15th.”

As the announcement resonated across social media, fans erupted with divided opinions on the probable outcome. Speculations ran rampant, with some predicting KSI’s downfall while others forecasted IShowSpeed’s swift defeat.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“KSI finna lose his next fight.”

“Speed about to get KO’d in two seconds.”

“Bro is trolling Jake Paul so hard.”

“If you lose this it will be a meme for years to come.”

This impending clash follows KSI’s recent appeal after his bout with Tommy Fury. The bout took place on October 14 at Manchester’s AO Arena. Despite the fact that the two were fairly evenly matched, Tommy ended up winning in the end.

After the bout, Rafael Ramos scored the bout 57-57. But two judges scored in favor of Fury 57-56.

But Ramos’ scorecard was later found to contain a mistake, and it was later revised to read 57-56. This means that technically, Fury should have won by unanimous vote.

Despite KSI’s insistence on appealing the decision, the Professional Boxing Association upheld the outcome. The official statement read: “The PBA confirms that an independent review panel, consisting of two of the country’s leading King’s Counsel and a third lawyer, has determined that there are no grounds to overturn the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight result from October 14, 2023.”

After their appeal was denied, Chief of Misfits Boxing and manager of KSI Mams Taylor stated: “The appeals process against the outcome of KSI’s fight with Tommy Fury at the Prime Card, in Manchester on October 14, is ongoing.”

“We will now move to the second of three possible stages of the appeal, as we continue to fight to have the decision of the bout rightly overturned.”

The stage is set for an unforgettable spectacle on December 15th, where KSI and IShowSpeed will take center stage in what promises to be a gripping clash.