Kickboxing Legend Jerome Le Banner Sentenced to Jail for Corruption Involving Police Officers

Renowned kickboxing icon Jerome Le Banner has found himself entangled in an unprecedented predicament, resulting in a jail sentence alongside two police officers for corruption.

Le Banner, a celebrated figure in the kickboxing world, is widely recognized for his exceptional abilities, delivering powerful punches and formidable knockout power throughout his illustrious career.

The 50-year-old French athlete’s recent troubles stem from his involvement in a bribery scheme targeting two police officers. Seeking to eliminate a file related to a car accident involving his former spouse, who was under the influence at the time, Le Banner resorted to offering bribes to the officers. However, their illicit activities were ultimately discovered, leading to legal repercussions.

The car accident in question occurred in 2017 when Le Banner’s ex-wife, Mélissa Gallant, was driving under the influence, resulting in a collision with a house while using a borrowed vehicle.

Le Banner’s motive behind the bribery was driven by his concerns that the accident could lead to legal consequences for his ex-wife, potentially resulting in her deportation back to Canada. Taking matters into his own hands, he contacted a friend who served as a police officer in Le Havre, who, in turn, enlisted the help of a colleague to tamper with the file.

Regrettably for Le Banner, his actions were exposed. Unrelated to the bribery incident, he filed a complaint several months later, prompting the police to seize his phone. During the investigation, they discovered a suspicious message exchange between Le Banner and his police acquaintance.

The kickboxing legend appeared before the Le Havre criminal court on June 12, where he received a five-month prison sentence and a fine of approximately €5000. The two implicated police officers also faced the same five-month jail term as part of their punishment.

This surprising turn of events has left the kickboxing community and Le Banner’s fans astounded.