Khabib’s coach: Jake Paul would beat Strickland in Boxing

YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Jake Paul has been making waves in the influencer boxing scene, facing off against his opponents with remarkable success.

Jake Paul has notched victories against notable UFC figures like Tyron Woodley, Nate Diaz, and Anderson Silva, establishing an impressive track record in the boxing ring.

Despite the UFC preventing Strickland from facing Jake Paul, Nurmagomedov’s coach Javier Mendez believes in Paul’s capabilities. In an interview with DAZN, Mendez stated that although Strickland would dominate Paul in an MMA setting, the outcome would be different in a boxing match.

Mendez expressed confidence in Jake Paul’s boxing skills, emphasizing that Paul has dedicated over four years to the sport.

Mendez asserted, “Jake Paul would beat Sean Strickland at boxing. Jake has been boxing for over four years now, and Jake Paul’s the real deal, he’s a real boxer.”

On the flip side, Mendez was adamant that in mixed martial arts, Strickland would outclass Jake Paul. He said: “Whereas Sean Strickland is a real MMA champion, he’s not a boxer. He’s an MMA fighter, so I’d favor Jake Paul over Strickland at boxing because that’s Jake’s craft. Inside the cage, Strickland would win by a landslide. Strickland would tear Jake apart.”

While acknowledging the tremendous athleticism of both contenders, Mendez ultimately favors Jake Paul in the boxing ring. He emphasized that Paul’s expertise lies in boxing, making him the preferred choice in that domain.

As Jake Paul gears up for his highly anticipated MMA debut, the PFL has confirmed that it will take place this year. The clash between Jake Paul and Sean Strickland remains speculative, but given Paul’s track record of facing MMA competitors, it’s a confrontation worth keeping an eye on.

Even if Paul and Strickland may not yet engage in combat, this is something to watch out for. This is particularly in light of Strickland’s recent sparring with influencers like Sneako.