Kevin Holland claims shrooms told him he’s going to be a champion

UFC’s rising star Kevin Holland believes that his transition to welterweight is the right move. He also claims that he had a vision of himself becoming a champion.

In a recent appearance on The Fighter vs. The Writer, the 29-year-old revealed that he went on a ‘trip’ that had a lasting impact on him. During the trip, he believes he saw that his destiny is to become the UFC welterweight champion.

“I’m going to be the champ,” Holland said. “Mark my f***ing words. I’m going to be the champ. I popped some, about a couple weeks ago and I had these visions, and I’m going to be champ. My first time.”

“My first time popping shrooms and they say you see the future. I’ve seen the future. I’m going to be the f***ing champ. I’m ready to f***ing do it. It was out of competition when I did it, so it didn’t f***ing matter. I’m ready to go out there and do everything I’ve got to do. Put in the work, swim those extra laps, ride the bike for those extra miles. I ain’t running, I ain’t no runner cause I don’t run from s**t but yeah I’m getting it done. I’m going to be that guy.”

Since the start of his UFC run, Holland has become a fan favorite with his antics both inside and outside of the octagon. In 2020 alone, he won five consecutive fights with four finishes.

Unfortunately, his run in 2021 was rough, losing back-to-back decisions against grapplers Derek Brunson and Marvin Vettori. Now with him moving down to 170, things are seemingly brighter for Holland. He had his UFC welterweight debut in March, securing a second-round TKO over veteran Alex Oliveira.

“Whatever they want me to do, I’m a company man,” Holland said. “I keep saying it over and over again. It’s whatever. When the ranked opponents come, the ranked opponents come. People say that I had a tough time with Marvin Vettori and Derek Brunson, they’re big boys and they did not nothing but lay on me and try to pray on me.

“I think I’m going to have a phenomenal time no matter who it is at 170 pounds, whether they’re a great wrestler or a great striker, I think I’ll be OK.”