Kevin Hart lands in wheelchair after tearing lower abdomen during running challenge

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has disclosed that he finds himself in a wheelchair following a light-hearted attempt to outpace former NFL running back Stevan Ridley.

Breaking the news in a video posted on a Wednesday, Hart candidly revealed: “Guys, I blew all my s—t. Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors are torn — I don’t even know what that is, but I tore ’em. … I can’t walk!”

Usually known for humor, Hart made the candid confession while seated in a wheelchair. He blamed his unexpected situation on crossing the age of 40.

He continued: “I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff … and I was told to sit my ass down.”


The injuries that now confine Hart to a wheelchair were the result of a lighthearted “debate” between him and the retired New England Patriots player Stevan Ridley. The focal point of their friendly dispute was centered around the question of “who is faster.”

Hart proposed a 40-yard dash contest to settle the matter. What was intended to be a jovial rivalry took a downturn, leaving Hart nursing injuries and a newfound respect for the passage of time.

In the wake of the incident, Hart shared with his audience: “What are we competing for at this age? What am I doing?” Why did I even race? Stupidest s—t ever! Now I can’t walk…”

Hart went on to issue a playful public service announcement to his fans over 40, encouraging them to “respect their age.”

Hart continued: “Ladies and gentlemen, the age 40 is real. Respect that age or that age will make you respect it. I was just forced to respect it. Sit my ass down. This is 44.”

Kevin Hart even went on to label himself as the “dumbest man alive” in the caption accompanying the post.

Hart’s post garnered responses from several fellow celebrities who joined in the fun. Wanda Skyes playfully teased, “If 44 is kicking yo ass..wait til you hit 55…you might just disintegrate. Get well dummy!”

Will Smith chimed in, acknowledging the inevitable truth: “Getting older is REAL!! Heal Up, Kev!!”

Meanwhile, singer Mario couldn’t resist adding his humor. He commented: “You gotta warm up for about 10 minutes big fella!😂”

Retired basketball player Matt Barnes brought a humorous twist to the situation as he wrote: “😂😂😂 that was a hell of a day. You need to put some spinners on your wheelchair 😂💀”

Actor Melvin Gregg raised the question on everyone’s mind, “But did you win?”