Kazakh Paddy Pimblett TKOs opponent, fresh from UFC release

A Kazakh MMA star secured an impressive win after leaving the UFC. He defeated his opponent with a brutal ground-and-pound in the first round.

Naiza Fighting Championship is a famous mixed martial arts promotion that is headquartered in Kazakhstan. The organization has hosted a lot of successful events and has a pretty huge audience. Recently, they held one of their major events, Naiza FC 55. The event took place on December 6 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The event featured a lot of match-ups ranging from rising talents and seasoned athletes. As usual, their roster didn’t disappoint fans. There were a lot of exciting matches and brutal finishes. One particular match that stood out from the rest was a flyweight bout between former UFC contender Zhalgas Zhumagulov and Masato Nakamura on the main card.

It was an exciting bout from start to finish. Both athletes came out strong and traded vicious blows as soon as the match started. It was an exciting striking duel, with both of them having their own moments. They seemed to be on the same level and fans thought it would be a long match, but their battle ended pretty quickly.

In the middle of the first round, Zhumagulov launched a fast leg kick that dropped Nakamura. The 35-year-old wanted to grapple with Nakamura and tried to catch his back. But, Nakamura fought back and tried to take him down. The match suddenly became more intense.

Zhumagulov defended himself by launching a flurry of strikes towards Nakamura’s head who was grabbing his legs. His effort proved useful. Nakamura couldn’t withstand the barrage attack and released his grip, changing position to curling down on the canvas.

Seeing this, Zhumagulov continued with a brutal ground-and-pound. He delivered even more powerful punches towards Nakamura’s head and didn’t stop until the referee finally halted the match, marking Zhumagulov’s victory via technical knockout in the first round.

With this result, Zhalgas Zhumagulov returned to the win column after suffering 4 consecutive losses in the UFC. He joined the UFC in 2020 and went 1-6 before being released several months ago. Now, Zhumagulov has a total record consisting of 14 wins and 9 losses.