Kamaru Usman: Logan and Jake Paul would handle Tristan and Andrew Tate

UFC star Kamaru Usman has voiced his opinion on how Logan and Jake Paul might hold a significant advantage in a hypothetical MMA clash against Tristan and Andrew Tate.

Despite the Paul brothers’ popularity in the boxing world, their foundation in wrestling is a decisive factor that could grant them an upper hand in an MMA showdown. This is especially true when facing the Tate brothers, who are predominantly kickboxers.

Usman emphasized this point during his appearance on the PBD Podcast, stating: “If it’s an MMA fight, I think that favors Jake and Logan [Paul] for sure…I mean, they actually wrestled…That’s [kickboxing] actually a disadvantage when it comes to wrestlers.”

Usman further elaborated, explaining the advantage a wrestler holds in MMA. He said: “If I catch a kick and you fall down, like, it’s different and it’s a different balance…The civilian human doesn’t realize that it’s an actual skill to be able to get off of your back.”

While discussing the theoretical match between the Pauls and the Tates, it’s crucial to acknowledge the possibility of such an event. Notably, Tristan and Andrew Tate are currently entangled in legal issues. They are facing charges of r*pe, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group to sexually exploit women. Both brothers have vehemently denied all accusations.

The Tate brothers’ legal predicament began in December 2022 when they were arrested and detained until March 2023. Subsequently, they were placed under house arrest. In June, formal charges were brought against Andrew Tate and his brother.

According to a BBC report, the indictment filed with the Bucharest court outlines the Tate brothers’ involvement in forming an organized criminal group in 2021. Their alleged goal was to commit human trafficking, not only in Romania but also in other nations, including the U.S. and the UK.

While discussions about a potential matchup between the Paul brothers and the Tate brothers stir curiosity, legal hurdles and serious allegations against the Tates significantly diminish the likelihood of such an event.