Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway rumored to be on UFC 300

Renowned UFC figure Chael Sonnen believes that a showdown between Justin Gaethje defending his BMF title and former featherweight champion Max Holloway is an unavoidable bout. The two are destined to compete in the highly anticipated UFC 300 pay-per-view event.

While Max Holloway has previously expressed interest in facing Gaethje, the latter is on the cusp of a lightweight title shot against Islam Makhachev. Gaethje appears content to wait for the right chance to challenge Islam Makhachev for the lightweight belt.

However, Chael Sonnen contends that a clash between Gaethje and Holloway for the BMF strap would be a far more captivating draw for the monumental pay-per-view.

In a recent segment on his YouTube channel, the 46-year-old remarked: “He [Gaethje] is only willing to wait for Islam… because it’s the title. Well, once you remind him you have a title too, and we would like you to defend it, all of a sudden, all of that is changed… There is only one guy [who called him out], which is Max Holloway.”

Sonnen further emphasized: “So, as we are starting to look at UFC 300… I’m not only going to tell you that the BMF is going to be defended, I’m going to go a step further and tell you, it had better be defended. That’s the big prize, that’s the one the boys want… Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway, that announcement is coming soon.”

Amidst speculation surrounding a potential showdown between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje for the BMF title, an earlier interview sheds light on Holloway’s eagerness to confront the former interim lightweight champion.

In an interview, the featherweight said: “Gaethje is funny but… I can say – ‘brother, that one time you almost exposed me to the world on that scale’, so come on, you’ve got to let me get that back.”

To provide context, Holloway faced challenges making weight for his bout against Jose Aldo at UFC 218. During the weigh-in, Gaethje was assisting Holloway by holding the towel. He lifted it slightly too high, nearly revealing the featherweight’s private area.

While the 32-year-old’s remarks about seeking revenge against Gaethje are in jest regarding the NSFW incident, the prospect of a BMF title clash between the two combatants undoubtedly intrigues fans.