Justin Bieber trains boxing with British middleweight contender

Is Justin Bieber shifting his focus from music to boxing? Speculation arose as a photo emerged of the pop sensation training alongside British middleweight boxing contender Hamzah Sheeraz.

Known globally for his musical talents, Bieber has also demonstrated a longstanding interest in the world of combat sports.

Frequenting ringside seats at various MMA and boxing events, Bieber’s presence has been synonymous with the martial arts game.

However, recent developments have fueled curiosity about the extent of Bieber’s commitment to the sport. The snapshot capturing Bieber engaged in training drills with Sheeraz has ignited speculation among fans and enthusiasts alike.

As the 24-year-old’s fame continues to soar, the photo hints at a deeper connection between the two, with indications of an actual sparring session.

Sharing the training experience on Instagram, Sheeraz shared, “Last session done here in the US great to chop it up and do a few rounds with JB.”

The sight of these two distinct personalities training side by side has left fans pleasantly surprised and intrigued.

Online reactions flooded in swiftly, with one fan expressing, “Sensational link up,” while another enthused, “Maddest link up I think I’ve seen.”

Among the chorus of voices, a heartening sentiment emerged, as fans acknowledged Bieber’s journey and resilience. Having battled Ramsay Hunt syndrome in recent years, seeing Bieber actively engaging in boxing resonated positively.

“He is indeed with the right person,” a user commented. “Glad to see him taking care of his body and health.”

Interestingly, Justin Bieber’s affinity for martial arts traces back to his younger days. Reportedly, he participated in Karate classes, a potential influence from his father’s background as a former Mixed Martial Arts trainee.

Looking further back, the year 2019 saw Bieber expressing a desire to step into the mixed martial arts arena with a unique challenge. In a tweet, Bieber openly challenged Hollywood star Tom Cruise to an octagon showdown.

In his tweet, Bieber playfully called out Cruise and suggested that Dana White, the President of the UFC, could organize the intriguing bout.