JRE Censorship? More episodes go missing, Spotify explains

Joe Rogan Experience is possibly one of the most watched programs on the planet Earth. The podcast averages 11 million of downloads per episode and has been the most popular podcast in 96 countries.

But despite that the fans are frequently arguing about the changes the new Spotify regime ushered.

Rogan held onto his show thanks to stellar ratings – even when things were toughest for Spotify. In the fall out from the compilation about 70 episodes were pulled so fans were on high alert once they noticed that JRE episodes were going missing again.

This time the first to go were Post Malone episodes and soon went on to include roughly 30 episodes in total that were no longer available.

However, this time it had nothing to do with censorship. It was all a result of a technical issue over at spotify.

“Spotify is aware of this technical issue, and we are looking into it now,” a Spotify spokesperson told The Times on Wednesday.

Thirty-six newly removed episodes were all from the pre-Spotify era of JRE.

Removed episodes included interviews with politicians such as Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard; musicians including Post Malone, RZA and Everlast; and comedians such as Bryan Callen, Legion of Skanks and Eddie Izzard.

While Joe Rogan insists he retains complete creative control over his shows many interviews were previously sacked when he transitioned to Spotify including troubled right winged personalities like Milo Yiannopoulos and several disgraced comedians accused of sexual misconduct including Chris D’elia.