Jorge Masvidal wants Conor McGregor fight ‘before this guy overdoses on coke’

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal took aim at Conor McGregor once again. Masvidal aims to have a big money fight. ‘Gamebred’ also revealed when he will be able to return to the octagon.

Jorge Masvidal last seen inside the octagon was back in March at UFC 272. The 37-year-old took on his longtime teammate Colby Covington and clashed for 5 rounds. Colby won by unanimous decision, however, their altercation continued after Colby allegedly insulted Masvidal’s family.

Following their outing, Masvidal attacked Colby at a restaurant in Miami. He was charged with two felony charges and has been booked.

Now, Masvidal is preparing to return to the octagon in November or December and has been eyeing UFC star Conor McGregor. This is of course if he’s able to square away his legal issues.

During a recent talk with BLOCKPARTY, Jorge Masvidal said that has several good reasons to fight McGregor. The Miami native wants the paycheck and also has the urge to beat McGregor. He also accused the Irish athlete of doing coke.

“I think November or December, it’s looking good for me, man. Before this guy overdoses on [coke] and the fight never happens then I don’t get to make all that easy money. I just want to break Conor’s face. “

“Let’s get that paycheck, let’s get that out of the way, sell the most pay-per-views ever before this guy does harm to himself or somebody else. And I just like “boom,” get that check real quick cause I got kids, right? I need the f—king money.” Masvidal added.

Masvidal also set his eyes on UFC welterweight top contender Gilbert Burns for his plan B. Masvidal is certain that it’s the fight that the fans wanted.

“Then after that, I don’t know. Also, if I can’t get Conor, I’m thinking probably Gilbert [Buns]. Gilbert’s a good fight for me. I like him as a fighter because he comes to fight. He’s gonna submit a guy or knock a guy the f—k out. We’re gonna give the fans a f—king bloody fight if that goes down. I think everybody will be very happy with that fight so that’s a fight I’d love to make.” Masvidal said.

Conor McGregor hasn’t appeared inside the octagon since June last year. Last time he fought Dustin Poirier in their trilogy fight and lost due to leg injury.