Jorge Masvidal: UFC said F**K YOU to Jake Paul but will let him face Logan Paul

UFC star Jorge Masvidal may have officially retired from the Octagon in 2023, but his passion for combat sports still burns brightly. Recently, he made headlines with the announcement of a boxing match against Nate Diaz, signaling his return to the spotlight. But rumors soon surfaced about Masvidal considering another bout, this time against Jake Paul.

Despite the speculation, Masvidal dismissed the idea. He expressed his reluctance to collaborate with someone who has been critical of the UFC and Dana White.

Masvidal’s decision to decline a bout with Jake Paul stemmed from the latter’s history of insulting remarks about Dana White and the UFC. Instead, Masvidal expressed openness to facing Jake’s brother, Logan Paul.

In an interview with Seconds Out ahead of the Diaz matchup, Masvidal clarified his stance. He said: “Not with Jake Paul, it’s a hundred percent more likely with Logan Paul…Jake has said some not-pleasant things about Dana White and also about the UFC, so UFC’s basically said f*ck you.”

Masvidal also refers to himself as the organization’s greatest attraction ever. He said that the UFC requested that he refrain from competing against Jake Paul. Conversely, Logan Paul has been garnering several accolades as a result of his efforts with the WWE.

While Jake Paul remains an influential figure in the boxing world, his attention is currently focused on an upcoming bout against the legendary Mike Tyson on June 20th. This significant event has captivated fans worldwide, showcasing Paul’s ambition to challenge himself against formidable opponents. Despite facing criticism and skepticism, Paul continues to defy expectations and carve out a niche for himself in professional boxing.

Even in retirement, Masvidal remains deeply immersed in the world of MMA. Following Max Holloway’s impressive performance at UFC 300 against Justin Gaethje, Masvidal shared his thoughts on Holloway’s combat style during an interview with Ariel Helwani for The MMA Hour.

He said: “When that dude points to the ground, whoever the f*ck you are, you become an Olympic track sprinter. Do the opposite. Don’t f*cking engage.”

Masvidal recognizes the value and distinction of the BMF championship, having held it himself. He believes Holloway knows “the code of the BMF.”