Jorge Masvidal takes Plea Deal In Colby Covington Incident, gets time serveed

In a recent turn of events, Jorge Masvidal has successfully avoided jail time in connection to his altercation with Colby Covington in March 2022.

Masvidal entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor battery, leading to the dismissal of two felony counts against him.

Masvidal expressed his satisfaction with the plea deal and even took to Instagram to share his relief. He captured the moment outside the courthouse, where he thanked his lawyer.


Masvidal stated: “Just beat the case. I wanna thank God and I also wanna thank this man right here, ’cause I’m a free f*cking man. F*ck you, Colby.”

Bradford Cohen is the legal representative for Jorge Masvidal. He posted a statement on his Instagram account to provide clarity on the situation:

“Myself and @legalsicario had all felonies against Jorge Masvidal dismissed. End result plea in his best interest to time served on. Misdemeanor. Although any atty would be happy, having 2nd degree felonies dismissed for a time served Misdemeanor, this case was bulls**t. Colby threatens to kill my client on sight. Instead of living up to that threat, he runs and hides behind a hostess stand. Then files criminal charges. Colby is a real millennial..”

This is the most recent development in Masvidal and Covington’s strained relationship. Once close friends and training partners, the rift between Masvidal and Covington began when Masvidal believed that Covington had crossed a line by allegedly withholding payment from his respected coach.

After the incident in which Masvidal assaulted Covington outside of a Miami restaurant, Masvidal acted coy while the court proceedings were ongoing.

Masvidal shared on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast: “That’s allegedly this, allegedly that. I wasn’t even there bro, they saying a lot of sh*t, bro. I wasn’t even there! That guy (owner of the restaurant) loves me. I ran into him the other night because I’ve run into him a couple of times.”

“He was like, ‘Man, since that little rumor, that you were allegedly there, reservations went through the roof like 530 percent.’ I told him that I would love to take these nice vibes you’re giving me but that was allegedly, as we both know. Colby’s a b*tch. If he was here right now he would run the f**k out.”