Jorge Masvidal Says Jake Paul Earned His Respect, Open To Box Paul for the right price

Jorge Masvidal recently appeared in an episode of the Logan Paul podcast, IMPAULSIVE. Logan Paul adequately seized the opportunity to get one over on the Nelk Boys who cad Colby Covington on and caused quite a bit of controversy and legal issues in process.

Naturally Masvidal had a lot to talk about including his relationship with Jake Paul. Previously Paul seeked out Masvidal’s help when he was scheduled to meet Ben Askren. The two appeared to hit it off but the love between the two was short lived due to the fact that Masvidal picked former ATT teammate Tyron Woodley to win boxing match against Paul. Masvidal was complementary toward Jake Paul after seeing his performance in Woodley rematch.

“That’s the best thing I’ve seen about him, is when he had real adversity against Woodley, Woodley caught him with two good shots and kept his composure …”

Besides showering Logan’s younger brother with praises, Masvidal also gives a green light on a potential clash between him and Jake Paul in the future.

“Man, I love money,” Masvidal admitted. “If it made me money, like a ton of it, why the f–k not? No matter what, I feel like the chips are stacked on my side because he just got into this life.”

Masvidal was previously dissed by Paul who went on to offer him $5 million for a boxing match. Masvidal’s career earnings prior to Covington match up were estimated to be in the $2 million range – which made his response to the offer all the more baffling though truthfully nothing could happen with the offer regardless of the fact due to the fact Masvidal has an exclusive contract with the UFC.

Masvidal also shared he is confident he would outbox Jake Paul if the two were to eventually meet.

“Big money and I would bet on myself that I would win” Masvidal added.

Renowned as a  backyard brawler before becoming a professional mixed martial artist, Masvidal is respected for his striking skills

Despite being significantly smaller than Paul, he might be a real threat compared to Paul’s previous opponents.