Jorge Masvidal confident to box Jake Paul after his loss to Tommy Fury: I would wreck him

After seeing Jake Paul lose to Tommy Fury by a split decision this past Sunday in Saudi Arabia, Jorge Masvidal is now certain that he would win in a possible match against Paul.

Jake Paul has won boxing bouts against iconic mixed martial artists including Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva. However, Masvidal told DAZN Boxing Show that his experience is more than sufficient to handle Jake Paul.

“I’ve got numerous knockouts and the thing that comes most natural and easiest to me is boxing. First and foremost, my speed and my power I feel that God always gave to me since the first day as a kid.”

Masvidal said that as a child, his coaches were able to notice that his hands moved more quickly than anybody else’s.

“I feel that in the sport of boxing I would f***ing wreck him. I would do damage to him, I’m a conditioned athlete and I’m not going to get tired throwing blows.”

“I’m coming in to take your head off. You’re going to have to do some really basic moves in that ring to get away from me and in boxing, Jake hasn’t hit that stride yet where he can be a good keen boxer.”

Masvidal continued by explaining what Jake Paul would need to do in order to stop him.

“He’d need to keep me at the end of his jabs, check hook, get his way out of problems, not let me put him against the ropes. I’m not the best boxer but I know what I’m going to be good at I’m going to put him on the inside, in the corner and beat the f*** out of him for the first four-five rounds and then start going over the top. That’s something he won’t be able to avoid because he doesn’t have the craftsmanship.”

Jorge Masvidal is scheduled to take on Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida.