Jordan Peterson’s daughter fires back after Andrew Tate criticizes him

Polarizing online personality Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila got into a furious argument with Andrew Tate. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist.

Following the Hamas attacks, Tate had lambasted political analyst Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson for their stances on the Israel-Palestine issue. Prominent in conservative Western circles, Peterson had urged Israel to strike decisively against Hamas.

Tate posted the following on his official X handle:

“Imagine being Ben or Jordan and not even saying sorry for encouraging the murder of f*cking children. Clowns.”

Mikhaila Peterson responded by endorsing her father’s position, saying:

“Anybody with half a brain knew that dad was referring to Hamas, a terrorist organization, not Palestinian children. Anybody not paying attention to the rampant anti-semitism that’s occurring across the west is part of the problem.”

As everyone said goodbye to 2023, Andrew Tate used social media to share his experience of spending New Year’s Eve in a Romanian prison. He gave his followers an insight into the difficult conditions he was living in.

The well-known online figure took to X to share his description of the quietness around him during midnight:

“I spent last New Year’s Eve counting the cockroaches on my cell wall, listening to fireworks from the free world. When the clock struck 12, absolutely nothing happened. Even the cockroaches didn’t move.”

The information shows that Tate had turbulent year, which was filled with legal issues. Along with his brother Tristan and two other people, Tate was taken into custody in December 2022. They were arrested on on charges including human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized group to exploit women.

The Tate brothers were freed from jail in Romania in March 2023 after serving many months there. They were then put under house arrest, a measure that was removed in August. With this, the Tate brothers had more freedom to travel throughout Romania.