Jon Jones teases Jake Paul employee who disrespected Nate Diaz: “I’m actually a massive fan”

In the lead-up to UFC 295, reigning heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been making time for some enjoyment. He is scheduled to defend his title against Stipe Miocic in New York on November 11.

Jones recently found himself in a comical exchange with Derek Sullivan, an associate of Jake Paul’s Betr betting company. Leveraging his connection with the YouTube sensation turned boxer, Sullivan has gained access to prominent combat sports events.

He made headlines at a press conference by challenging Nate Diaz for a bout with his older brother, UFC legend Nick Diaz. Sullivan confidently asserted, “If he’s anything like you, I think I’d beat his f****** a**.”

Just last week, Sullivan shared footage from his first sparring session. It showed him giving up after taking a body shot.

While the blow may have temporarily winded him, it certainly didn’t diminish his confidence. In response to Jones’ smiling emoji reaction to the video, Sullivan addressed the MMA icon.

He said: “Jon Jones, I see you commenting on the video of me getting my ass kicked in sparring, and I see you smiling about it. I guess you’re still mad that I bet against you. But look, Jon, you’re a legend, you’re a GOAT but keep my name out of your f****** mouth or we’re gonna have a problem.”

Jones then jokingly apologized by stating: “Bro, that’s my apologies, I didn’t think you read the comments. Please forgive me. I don’t want no smoke. I’m actually a massive fan.”

Sullivan graciously accepted Jones’ apology, asserting: “Jon Jones, I appreciate the apology and obviously I’ll let this one slide. But let this be a lesson, you cannot talk s*** to someone and not expect consequences. Also, since you’re such a big fan, I might be able to get you some ringside seats to my first fight.”

Jones then thanked Sullivan for his mercy, expressing: “Man lesson learned, thanks a ton for the forgiveness. I hope one day Jake realizes what an amazing asset and athlete you are. I already have plans on making it to your first fight! I know tickets are probably going to sell out fast.”

“[It] would be so awesome if you followed me back on the gram! Please make my wish come true, follow me back! Your number one fan Bones.”

A brief perusal of Derek’s following list confirms that he did follow Jon Jones. Now, the UFC king can return to his preparations to face a former two-time champion, widely regarded as the the finest heavyweight in MMA history.