Jon Jones reacts to ALL 20 minutes of arrest leaking online

Jon Jones’ arrest in Las Vegas in September of 2021 surprised everyone. Just a day earlier Jones had received UFC Hall of Fame award and appeared to be on the mend with the organization. Things between Jones and UFC were contentious due to the prospect of the ‘big money fight’ between himself and Francis Ngannou. The fight was quickly scrapped – and so was Jones’ heavyweight debut.

Jones was publicly condemned when it came out that he was arrested for domestic violence against his domestic partner of 18 years and the mother of his 3 daughters, Jessie Moses. Moses downplayed the incident – even in the police interview that same night but the report was damning.

But perhaps nothing is as damning as the physical evidence of the arrest. A weeping Jones was seen in bodycam footage, confronted by average looking police officers. At first Jones was convinced that he was being racially profiled but soon it became apparent. At that point the gears in his head switched and he can even be heard in the video worrying about if the video makes it to youtube.

The new version of the video is 20 minutes long. The confrontation with Jones starts around the 7 minute mark. Following the tweeting and deleting of his pity party the day earlier Jones addressed the body cam footage release.

“lol I was hoping that video got lost in some files somewhere”

Jones also addressed several supportive messages from fans.

“I can deal with embarrassment, it’s the loneliness that gets me. Taking things one day at a time”

Jones reportedly lost the support of Moses following the incident. In spite of initially claiming to have rekindled the relationship – Moses left Jones during the fall out from the arrest.

Jones revealed: “My fiancé left me about two months ago, today she finalized that she won’t be coming back. If you are a Jon Jones hater, have a toast, I feel like s–t”