Jon Jones is petitioning to overturn ‘No Contest’ that resulted from a positive PED test

While MMA appears to be a sport, names like Conor McGregor and Jon Jones display a cunning ability to have the rules change in their favor – all for the sake of that sweet PPV cash and entertainment value.

UFC has been collaborating with USADA since 2016, but there haven’t been any high profile athletes that were caught in quite a while.

Jon Jones is returning after a multi year lay off and ready to kick off his new 8 bout deal with the UFC. Of course, with Jones there’s always the issue of USADA considering that he’s served suspensions previously and had ‘suspect’ results that were since declared as ‘pulsing’.

After a recent regulation modification by the USADA on picogram violations, former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is requesting that his previous ‘No Contest’ ruling against Daniel Cormier be reversed.

A highly anticipated rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier took place at UFC 214 in 2017. Jones won with a stunning head kick.

However, a positive test for Turinabol quickly overshadowed his triumph. The bout was declared a “no contest” by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) when Jones tested positive for a picogram of a Turinabol before the match.

In an unexpected turn of events, USADA recently modified its position on picogram violations and said that they are no longer considered to be doping violations. Jones is now attempting to use the new regulation as justification for reversing the earlier decision against him.

Jones and his team contended that the trace quantity of Turinabol discovered in his system was the result of an earlier positive test and that he had not taken it on purpose before the Cormier bout.

Jon Jones expressed his viewpoint on Twitter and posted:

“Jon Jones should get reparations for his USADA suspensions given “the science changed” and new tests under 100 picograms per ML are not positive anymore. None of his positive tests would be a positive under the current rules. His no contest against DC should be restored to a win”

Jon Jones pulsing incident was explained by Derek of More plates more dates infamy during a guest appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.

“I think that if you go back historically to the beginning, like, obviously, the guy is pretty loose on what he’s willing to do ”

“If you go back to his first positive test results, I believe he tested positive for Clomiphene and letrozole way back in like 2016 or something. So if you look at those two, one of them is an aromatase inhibitor that you would use to prevent gyno formation usually, and then Clomid, it is like a fertility you would use to restore testosterone production, or in women use it to aid in fertility. ”

” To me, seemed like something you would be doing to either, you know, prevent the gyno from what you were using at a time when it was less scrutinize perhaps, and then the Clomid, you know, to recover or something was tainted as what his claim was, but we already have, you know, history of him doing this, ”

“After that he tests positive for Turinabol. And then thereafter, the pulsing, ”

He went on to point to USADA chief Jeff Novitsky’s hole in rationalizing the whole pulsing incident. Apparently USADA based this ‘pulsing’ conception on a data point from Clomid resarch – but there’s a serious gap in reasoning there.

“They’ve looked in the data and found the parse out this information about Clomid pulsing, and they use that as a reference point for like, look, there’s a thing that can pulse over time. But the interesting thing is Jon Jones literally popped for Clomid before, but he’s never had that pulse. So he has this Turinabol that keeps pulsing, but the Clomid they use as the reference point  that can pulse, never pulsed”