Jon Jones defends rise of influencer boxing and Jake Paul: Awesome for combat sports

Jake Paul has emerged as a notable force in influencer boxing. Renowned UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently commended Paul for his shrewd business acumen, highlighting the profound influence he has over the sports domain.

Starting his boxing venture in January 2020 against fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib, Paul secured a first-round TKO win. This marked the inception of his unexpected rise. Fast forward four years, and Paul is now the focal point of events hosted by his own boxing promotion. He has also faced off against well-established opponents from the combat sports arena.

Paul’s unconventional choice of opponents has stirred considerable controversy. He has competed against retired MMA combatants like Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, and Nate Diaz. Critics argue he should face younger and more formidable boxers, but Paul remains undeterred in his selections.

Contrary to the prevailing sentiment, Jon Jones offers a different viewpoint. In a recent interview with mushroom supplement company Lifecykel (via MMAUncensored), Jones asserted that Paul’s foray into combat sports is not only advantageous for the Ohio native but also beneficial for fellow contenders and the industry as a whole.

Acknowledging the financial landscape of combat sports, Jones praised Paul for identifying lucrative opportunities that often technically skilled contenders cannot see. Despite skepticism surrounding Paul’s transition to professional boxing, Jones praised his decision and his ability to leverage his platform for substantial financial gains.

Paul is currently gearing up for an eight-round cruiserweight bout against Ryan Bourland on March 2 at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico. The event will feature women’s featherweight champion Amanda Serrano defending her IBF championship against Nina Meinke.

On the other hand, Jones recently turned down a headline bout opportunity at UFC 300. His decision stemmed from a pectoral injury, leading to his withdrawal from the title bout against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 in November. Jones expressed gratitude for the opportunity but deemed himself unprepared for the significant comeback.