Jon Jones could’ve been the Michael Jordan of MMA, if it weren’t for issues in personal life – Dana White claims

UFC president Dana White believes that Jon Jones could have achieved more than what he has beyond the Octagon. Jones is considered to be one of the greatest competitors inside the Octagon. Despite his impeccable record, his failed drug tests and arrests has limited his mainstream popularity.

In a recent interview with Aaron Bronsteter, White discussed Jones’ legacy. He stated that while Jones achieved everything he could inside the Octagon, he could have accomplished more outside of it. White believes that Jones could have built a brand similar to Michael Jordan’s, generating millions of dollars in the process.

White said: “I don’t think he could’ve accomplished more inside the Octagon. I think he could’ve accomplished more outside of the Octagon. If you look at the run, this guy is undefeated… He’s accomplished everything that you can possibly accomplish inside the Octagon.”

“The question is, what could he have done outside? He had a Nike sponsorship at one time. What could he have achieved? How many millions of dollars could he have made outside the Octagon? 100% [he could have built a Jordan-type brand.]”

Jon Jones Nike Shoe (photo by Malki Kawa on Instagram)
Jon Jones Nike Shoe (photo by Malki Kawa on Instagram)

Jon Jones’ endorsement deal with Nike has been terminated in 2014 after a presser tussle with Daniel Cormier.

Nike confirmed that they have terminated their endorsement agreement with Jones, stating that they “are disappointed with his recent actions.”

Jones was in a hit-and-run accident in which he hit a pregnant woman earlier that year, which led to him being stripped of his UFC title and suspended indefinitely by the UFC.

Jones has also been fined and sentenced to probation as a result of the hit-and-run incident.

This is not the first time that Jones has been involved in legal trouble. It wasn’t the last either, he would get arrested after one of his kids requested that hotel security call the police after a domestic incident with long time fiancé and mother of his kids.

It’s worth noting that Jon Jones Nike sponsorship is a relic from another time. UFC athletes can no longer wear their own sponsors. This policy was instituted back in 2016.