Jon Jones chastises Adesanya over slurs used in Du Plessis face off

In recent times, Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have cultivated a friendship. But the UFC heavyweight champion finds himself uneasy with Adesanya’s verbal confrontation involving Dricus Du Plessis during UFC 290.

During UFC 290, Adesanya found himself embroiled in controversy as he unleashed a tirade of inflammatory language directed at Du Plessis. He went on a rant using the ‘n-word’ multiple times, making it quite uncomfortable for everyone. The incident left many spectators astounded and questioning the boundaries of sportsmanship.

In a recent appearance on the Kanpai Pandas Overdogs podcast, Jon Jones addressed the issue and candidly expressed his discomfort regarding Adesanya’s trash talk.

Jones began by acknowledging the friendship that has developed between him and Adesanya, saying: “I don’t want to talk s**t, because Izzy and I have become friends and whatever.”

However, he couldn’t help but share his unease. Jones stated: “But I was uncomfortable. As a black man, I was uncomfortable my damn self. That was just weird.”

Despite his reservations about Adesanya’s choice of words, Jones didn’t hold back when discussing Adesanya’s future in the octagon. He confidently predicted that Adesanya would emerge victorious in his upcoming bout against Sean Strickland.

Jones explained his prediction by highlighting Adesanya’s versatility. He said: “I got Izzy winning just because he’s more versatile. He does everything that Sean does, just way more calculated.”

Jones went on to emphasize Adesanya’s prowess, asserting: “Izzy could beat Strickland in a boxing match if he had to. I think he’s more calculated, and I think his power is a few steps up above Strickland as well.”

It seems like Jon Jones remains confident in Adesanya’s abilities and predicts a successful outcome in Adesanya’s upcoming bout against Sean Strickland. The MMA world eagerly awaits to see if Adesanya’s versatile skills will indeed lead him to victory once again.