Jon Jones BASHES brand for claiming running is ‘more alpha’ than MMA

UFC heavyweight icon Jon Jones found himself stirred by an Instagram reel comparing the toughness of MMA against running.

Physical activities like running hold immense popularity, with millions embracing it for its cardiovascular benefits. Simultaneously, Mixed Martial Arts has also surged in recognition as it caters to a diverse audience seeking effective fitness routines.

Recently, an Instagram post from a clothing brand sparked controversy by belittling MMA’s toughness in comparison to running. This reel gained viral traction and provoked responses from notable MMA athletes, including Jon Jones.

Responding to the reel, Jon Jones defended MMA passionately. He highlighted the unparalleled challenges of MMA, comparing it to survival in the middle of the ocean.

Jones said: “Dude definitely got his girl smashed by an MMA fighter…when you’re running too hard, you can simply stop or slow down a bit. Being in a MMA fight is like being in the middle of the ocean. You don’t know what you’re doing, you drown, could literally die. It’s the most real sport to ever exist. Can’t even call it a sport. It’s a way of survival, a way of life.”

A veteran of almost ten years at the pinnacle of the sport, Jones confirms that combatants in mixed martial arts may lose their lives if they are not cautious. For Jones, mixed martial arts is both a way of life and a game of survival.

Demetrious Johnson recently shared his perspective on the sport. In a recent video on his channel, he ranked iconic figures in the MMA world.

Brazilian legend and middleweight champion Anderson Silva came in fourth on Johnson’s list. Then he placed multiple-division champion Georges St-Pierre in third place.

Johnson named himself in second place, citing his amazing title defenses and other accomplishments. He then placed Jon Jones at the top. Johnson acknowledged Jones’s capacity to dominate opponents in the cage, win by knockout, and display a wide range of skills.