John Fury apologizes for chaos at KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference

John Fury is the father of boxing icon Tyson Fury and his younger brother Tommy Fury. He recently issued an apology for his disruptive behavior during the press conference for Tommy’s upcoming match against YouTube sensation KSI.

On the 22nd of August, the press conference for the highly anticipated Misfits and DAZN X Series event took place. This event is set to feature the co-main event match-up between Tommy Fury and KSI, alongside the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis bout.

There was a flurry of chaos that engulfed the event, including Dillon Danis’ derogatory remarks towards Logan’s fiancée and even a cake being hurled onto the stage. But it was John Fury who truly stole the spotlight. His disruptive actions brought the entire press conference to an abrupt end, leaving the attendees and media in astonishment.

As the situation escalated and tension reached its peak, John Fury reached a breaking point. In a dramatic gesture, he stood up and forcefully overturned tables. Fury Sr. ended up plunging the event into utter chaos.

However, the following day saw a different side of John Fury. He took to social media to express remorse for his actions and to extend an apology. He acknowledged the inappropriate nature of his behavior and vowed to “try and improve.”

John Fury stated, “I just want to make a quick apology for my inappropriate language yesterday. It was unacceptable, but emotions get high, it is the fight game, it was pandemonium. Let me sincerely apologize for my outburst of language.”

“I wasn’t alone doing it, but I feel it’s appropriate to make that apology to the people who came to the press conference … I’ll try and improve.”

“But people, this is John Fury, this is my character, this is who I am. I’m a real person, I’m not a fake person, nothing scripted, it just happens when it happens, but again, I apologize for my inappropriate language, and if I’ve offended anybody, I’m deeply sorry.”


While there were voices suggesting that John Fury should step back and let Tommy handle future press conferences independently, a significant number of fans stood in support of Fury Sr. They believed that his involvement elevated the entire press conference experience.