Joe Rogan’s become used to people suffering major injuries

Joe Rogan has been made into a meme several times over. His iconic voice and overexaggerated reactions to classic UFC moments are a must see for any MMA fan. But Rogan has also become a meme thanks to his uncompromising nature.

Rogan made it into the UFC ring and sat right next to McGregor to give him an exit interview as his ankle kept on dangling on the canvas after he suffered a catastrophic break.

The Joe Rogan Experience’s #1695 included a discussion between Rogan and renowned comedian Andrew Schulz. They spoke on Conor McGregor’s terrible leg injury at UFC 264.

The UFC color analyst said it was the first time he had seen a nasty wound. However, Rogan said that when he was exposed to increasing amounts of violence while commentating from cageside, he became “numb” to people’s wounds.

“I don’t think the referee saw when it broke but then he recognized when he was down, his leg was in a f***ed up angle. That was the first time I had ever seen that live. But now I have seen it several times.”

“Arm breaks several times. I have seen so many people get f***ed up… I am a little numb to people getting injured for sure… If you looked at all of human history, the amount of people that have seen people get the f**k beaten out of them, I am in the upper one percent in all of time.”


Joe Rogan recently caught up with Kamaru Usman in the aftermath of his vicious knock out loss to Leon Edwards. Rogan and Usman laughed about their respective memes including the interview one.