Joe Rogan would like UFC rules to stop favoring Strikers over Grapplers

Joe Rogan is renowned for his role as a UFC commentator and podcast host. He recently shared his thoughts on the current MMA rules enforced by the UFC, suggesting significant changes.

Rogan praised the now-defunct PRIDE FC’s approach to match regulations and highlighted specific adjustments he believes the UFC should consider.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring MMA legend Royce Gracie (JRE MMA Show #156), Rogan advocated for a notable rule change. He proposed that the first round of every match should last ten minutes.

He stated: “I think PRIDE had good rules, a 10-minute first round was better. I think 10 minutes is better. Especially if someone works really hard. Four minutes and thirty seconds, you finally take the guy down, and now you ‘re on top and trying to set things up but the bell rings, and then you start standing up again.”

Gracie agreed with Rogan’s perspective and even suggested extending the first round should be fifteen minutes. This idea aims to provide contenders with ample time to establish dominance and strategy without the interruption of a shorter round.

Rogan also expressed his frustration with the stagnation of rule changes in MMA. He explained: “The problem is, they’ve stopped changing the rules. Rules are the rules now… I don’t think the rules are right. I think, if a guy takes you down, you should have to earn a standup. You have to get back up to your feet… If that’s the end of the round, you start from the same position.”

This critique highlights Rogan’s belief that the current rules do not adequately reward competitors’ efforts to control and dominate their opponents on the ground. Instead, the current system often resets them to a neutral standing position, potentially negating the strategic advantages gained in the previous round.

To address the issue of position resets between rounds, Rogan suggested the incorporation of large-size screens above the cage. These screens would display the position in which both contenders ended the round. When the next round begins, contenders would resume the match from the same position they finished the previous round. This innovation aims to maintain the continuity of the match and ensure that they can capitalize on their hard-earned positions.

Rogan’s proposed rule changes aim to enhance the fairness and competitiveness of MMA bouts.