Joe Rogan weighs in on the ongoing Israel-Palestine war: “I have been freaking out”

Finally, Joe Rogan has voiced his grave worries on the ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine.

In a recent turn of events, Hamas and other armed factions from Palestine executed a synchronized offensive which comprised both ground and aerial assaults across various Israeli border regions. This resulted in the tragic loss of over 1,000 Israeli civilians.

Responding to this, the Israeli Defense Forces initiated a comprehensive operation against the militant organizations situated in the Gaza Strip area.

The gravity of this situation has sent shockwaves worldwide, with Joe Rogan being profoundly affected. He openly discussed his mounting concerns during a recent podcast.

Rogan admitted: “I have been freaking out over the last few weeks at night, and I just start thinking about the future of the world and I start like legit freaking out… it just gives me anxiety before I go to sleep, I’m just laying there and think fu**k, how does it all resolve? And then this fu**** Israel thing pops off and now I’m legit freaked out.”

Rogan’s struggles with insomnia have been made worse by his fears of the ongoing conflict potentially leading to monumental global shifts. He is particularly anxious about the involvement of other major nations, which could precipitate an irreversible escalation towards a devastating nuclear conflict.

In an episode featuring singer-songwriter and actor Suzanne Santo, Joe Rogan shared his reflections on the looming specter of nuclear war. During their conversation, he delved into his beliefs regarding the increased proximity of such a catastrophic event. He talked about the factors that have brought the world closer to the precipice of nuclear conflict than ever before.

Rogan envisions the worst-case scenario as an event of such magnitude that it could jolt humanity out of its current state. He emphasizes that this grim possibility includes the occurrence of a nuclear war.

On his platform, Rogan is renowned for discussing absurd topics like conspiracies and hoaxes. However, he does not take nuclear war lightly since everyone is aware of the dangers it may put mankind in.