Joe Rogan weighs in on Mike Tyson Incident: It’s head butting a beehive

Possibly the biggest story of the week in combat sports was Mike Tyson’s assault on another Jetblue passenger. According to reports Tyson was amicable with the assailant at first and even took a picture with him. However the man in question quickly realized the opportunity he had on his hands – with the boxing great seated in front of him.

Tyson was amicable but became more agitated, and as per his rep the ‘fan’ even threw a waterbotle at him at one point. This provoked the boxing great into an unspeakable reaction. He punted off on the fan and was filmed in process. Video went viral.

In the aftermath of the altercation it was revealed that the man in question had an extensive criminal history – and that he was reluctant to pursue criminal charges. He opted to not cooperate with the police. Instead he went and hired a civil attorney pretty much right after he was released from police custody.

UFC commentator and podcast host, Joe Rogan recently shared his take on the situation.

“That dude was a douchebag,” Rogan said of Towsend, on his podcast. “He was annoying one of the baddest motherf*ckers that’s walked the face of the Earth. That’s so dumb.

“Talk about kicking a beehive. What the f**re you doing, dude? That’s not even kicking a beehive. It’s like smashing— It’s head butting a beehive.”

Joe Rogan is uniquely equipped to way in on the incident considering that Rogan had hosted Tyson on his podcast just hours prior to the altercation.

“[Townsend] was probably on a lot of sh*t,” Rogan said. “[He] has a lengthy criminal history. If you find yourself for Mike Tyso’s reaching out the back of an airlines seat and punching you in the face… I think you’ve earned it. You climbed into a lion’s [den].”