Joe Rogan tried to Eavesdrop on Aldo and Dvalishvili and got roasted for it

Joe Rogan was trending all Sunday due to his viral reaction during Edwards finish over longtime champ, Kamaru Usman.

But this was overshadowed by the backlash from the MMA fans stemming from a moment that happened earlier on the card.

Rogan was on hand to commentate and do octagon interviews however his commitment to capturing the whole experience might’ve went a little bit overboard this past Saturday.

The number of Rogan’s critics has grown in the past couple of years. There is still no denying that many iconic clips were only possible because the stand-up comedian was present to pose the tough questions and put the microphone to the athletes’ faces during the most significant MMA moments.

Because he is not hesitant to comment at delicate or challenging times in the Octagon, Joe Rogan is particularly adept at capturing scenes like Conor McGregor’s screaming on the canvas after fracturing his leg or Alistair Overeem’s cries that Stipe Miocic tapped.

After José Aldo and Merab Dvalishvili’s main bantamweight match, Rogan’s habit of wanting to capture unique moments reared itself again at UFC 278.

 “Actually when he was down, and then I go to like, shake his hand and tell him, thank you so much for fight and I go to respect to him and he was down and I tried to help him. And he was told me that he say, then then he said: ‘that means that this is my, my last fight because that was my muscle.”

“He said, that was it was my last run to title’. And then he said, ‘I guess it’s I’m done’. You know, it’s Wow. There was very, very emotional moments. That’s why I was talking to him when he was on the knee like because I said, You’re amazing, like you did so much already in the sport, you know, have nothing to prove and you are legendary king”

Following the bout, the two engaged in a conversation kneeling in the Octagon. It was a time of passing the baton between Aldo, a legend, and Dvalishvili, a hot prospect.

Few observers saw Rogan trying to intervene and wedge his microphone between the combatants during the first viewing. A video clip that was uploaded on Twitter was used to highlight this. Following this, the internet started cracking up at the awkwardness of the situation and Rogan’s clumsy attempt to listen in on Aldo and Dvalishvili.

One user said, “Joe is not on d**gs during ufc events so he turns into the fear factor guy again.”

Another individual made a joke, “read the room Joe.”

Another commenter added, “This man does his job well too well he gonna get that interview regardless.”

This was another of Joe Rogan’s trademark exchanges. Jokes aside, one had to admire his desire to let himself and his audience share in these unfiltered moments of the adored sport. Of course, some light-hearted humor is acceptable in our environment.